Thinking about downsizing?

October 5, 2023 BY

When you build with Lansell Homes you can expect longevity thanks to modern materials, design, and appliances it’s easy to clean, and saves you precious time, money, and hassle.

It’s more than just moving to a smaller home – it’s a lifestyle change that can enhance your quality of life.


IMAGINE a new home, free from the hassles of constant maintenance and with a yard that’s easy to manage, allowing you to fully embrace life thanks to Lansell Homes.

Choosing a low-maintenance lifestyle provides you with the gift of time to indulge in the activities you love most.

You’ve worked diligently to reach this point, and you absolutely deserve it. Embrace the benefits of downsizing – it’s a brilliant way to simplify and maximise the value in your life.

“I love everything about my new Lansell Home,” said happy customer Thelma. “I love the layout and how open it is and the surprising amount of storage.

“Having access to the house from the garage is great, it makes me feel so safe to just drive right in.”

Everyone has their own reasons and goals for downsizing, but one common outcome is a reduction in stress and an increase in time for enjoyable pursuits.

Whether that means more hours for hobbies, travel adventures, or quality time with loved ones.

When you build a new home, you can expect longevity. Thanks to modern materials, design, and appliances your new home is easy to clean, and saves you precious time, money, and hassle.

Downsizing can reduction in stress and an increase in time for enjoyable pursuits.

Moreover, downsizing into your new home allows you to live a more sustainable lifestyle, reducing your ongoing costs (and carbon footprint) as your new home requires less energy for heating, cooling, and maintenance.

If you’re not quite ready for full-scale downsizing, consider future-proofing your new home when you build.

This involves making minor changes to ensure it remains functional, efficient, and comfortable for the years ahead.

Ensuring you have a walk-in shower, and adding provisions for future installations of grab bars, shower seats, etc. gives your new home the capability for you to age-in-place.

You can also consider adding user-friendly features such as lever door handles and wider doorways, and finally, consider using durable and low-maintenance materials like stone countertops and vinyl flooring to help cut down on future repair and replacement costs.

If you’re ready to take the leap into downsizing, we invite you to connect with Lansell Homes.

Our mission is to make the process of building your new downsizer home as seamless, straightforward, and stress-free as possible.

We specialise in helping people downsize and have proudly served the Bendigo community for over two decades.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring your turn-key home is completed to a level of perfection unmatched by other builders.

With us, you’ll move into your new home with nothing left to do and no more to pay. It’s time to embrace the downsized, hassle-free lifestyle you’ve earned.