Weatherboards a unique medium for contemporary art

April 22, 2024 BY

Between the Flags: Simon Macaulay's exhibition features aspects of Australian beaches from Bells Beach to Seaspray. Photo: SANDRA JAMES

FEATURING a series of paintings on house weatherboards, contemporary artist Simon Macaulay’s ‘Between the Flags’ exhibition is currently on display at Rood Henry’s Art Space.

Mr Macaulay has been painting for more than 20 years and is based in Heathcote.

He draws inspiration from the Australian coastal landscape and nature.

“I wanted to explore the different aspects of the beach, from the human to the natural, and how they interact and coexist,” Mr Macaulay said.

“The beach is a place where people can relax, have fun, and enjoy the beauty of nature but can also be a place of danger, challenge and adventure.

“The flags are a symbol of safety, and also of boundaries and rules.

“I wanted to capture the contrast and harmony between the flags and the beach.”

Mr Macaulay’s work was influenced by renowned Australian artists Brett Whiteley and Max Dupain.

“I have always been fascinated by the works of Whiteley and Dupain, and how they captured the essence of the Australian beach in different ways,” he said.

“I wanted to create my own interpretation of the beach, using weatherboards as a unique medium that adds texture, character and history.”

His paintings feature scenes from the iconic Bells Beach to secluded Seaspray on the 90 Mile Beach.

Lifeguards, surfers, sunbathers, and flags are depicted on the weatherboards as well as the natural elements of sand, water and sky.

The exhibition will be open throughout April until 31 May.

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