A solution to the laundry blues

June 10, 2024 BY

Washed, dried and folded: Sara Vella Gwin is offering a new laundry service with a 24 hour turn around. Photo: SANDRA JAMES

BUSY mums in the Heathcote area have a new service to help with those endless mounds of washing.

Costerfield resident Sara Vella Gwin recently started Mum’s Laundry Service, for clients in Heathcote and the surrounding areas.

With her own large family, Ms Gwin knows a lot about housework.

“My partner Justin and I have six kids between us,” she said. “Two at primary school and four at high school.”

“For the past three years I’ve been doing house cleaning for clients in the area but after hurting my back, I’m finding it difficult.

“I saw a need. A lot of people were telling me how hard it is to get all their washing done, so I thought I’d start up a service to help.

“They really appreciate coming home from work or other commitments to a clean laundry with everything washed, dried and folded.”

Mum’s laundry Service offers free pick up in Heathcote with a $12 fee for anyone out of the area.

“I offer a 24 hour turn around,” said Ms Gwin. “At $25 for five kilograms, everything is washed, dried, folded and delivered.

“I don’t use any dangerous chemicals, everything is just fresh and clean.”

Ms Gwin also offers an ironing service.

“Ironing is one of the most unpopular jobs for many people and it takes time when you’re busy.

“As with the washing, I can pick up and deliver within 24 hours.

Prices for ironing start at just $2 for kids’ clothes.

Anyone who would like some help with washing or laundry can contact Mum’s Laundry Service on 0432 129 157.