A sweet spoonful of sugar

March 9, 2024 BY

Much like her namesake, Mary Puppins possesses an insatiable love for humanity, delighting in the company of people young and old alike.

Ever faithful and loyal, she yearns to accompany her beloved humans on grand adventures, her eager spirit ready to explore the wonders of the world by their side.

True to her breed, Mary Puppins embodies a zest for life, revelling in each moment with a spirited enthusiasm that knows no bounds eagerly embracing the challenges that come with training, daily walks, and enriching activities.

With patience and perseverance, she eagerly awaits the opportunity to learn and grow with her boundless energy matched only by her unwavering devotion to her cherished human and canine companions.

To book a meet and greet with Mary Puppins please phone 5441-2209 or email [email protected].

Due to the high volume of emails received, enquiries with a request for a specific appointment with phone details included will receive a response as priority over generic applications which state they are interested in meeting an animal.

Mary Puppins is available to meet and adopt now. Ready to leave the shelter following de-sexing. Microchip number 956000013283767.