Birds of a feather fiesta together

November 17, 2022 BY

Man of steel: Sculptor and meatal worker Andre Sardone is known for his works, big and small. Photo: FILE

WHAT better way to celebrate the end of the collaborative and creative partnership than with a party!

That’s the idea behind the Free as a Bird Fiesta this Sunday at Bridgeward Grove, where sculptor and meatal worker Andre Sardone will be marking the conclusion of his City of Greater Bendigo Creative Gastronomy Residency at the olive farm.

As part of his time at Bridgeward Grove, Sardone was inspired to create sculptures big and small, and they’ll be on show.

“We found a connection through birds and a love of birds,” Sardone said.

“We decided that I would create a series of birds that inhabit the Grove and that we’d have this event to showcase them.

“I’ve made a kinetic sculpture based on the olive trees. I was struck by the way they move in the wind.

“We’ll be celebrating the olive grove and their produce as well and we’ve also invited three local photographers to show their bird photos.”

While they are both creators – Bridgeward Grove making olive oil and Sardone artworks – the sculptor said the synergy between the farm and his pieces was natural and supported.

“It’s been an interesting collaboration,” Sardone said. “It’s been nice to get involved in a different sort of business.

“We found a great connection through art, and they are real appreciators of art at the Grove.

“Julie Howard has a love of the arts, so it’s been nice to make connections over various things.”

Along with the sculptures, photos and tasty olive oil, the event will feature local food and drinks.

The Free as a Bird Fiesta is set for this Sunday, 20 November between 12pm and 3pm at Bridgeward Grove, 170 Englishs Rd, Goornong.