Burns planned for autumn

April 22, 2024 BY

Preparation: Planned burns will be undertaken across the region this season. Photo: FILE

PLANNED burns are to be undertaken by Forest Fire Management Victoria staff this autumn across the state. FFMVic deputy chief fire officer Jason Hellyer said planned burns can mean communities are safer in the event of later bushfires, and weather and forest conditions are currently favourable for the burns.

“Delivering our planned burning program takes a lot of planning and preparation,” he said.

“If you live in or are visiting an area where planned burning is taking place, there’s a good chance you’ll see FFMVic firefighters preparing locations or delivering planned burns in our distinctive green firefighting uniforms.

“The bushfire risk management program is focused on creating a strategic network of fuel reduced areas on public land.

“It’s important to consider that

it’s not just what’s being done now, but what we’ve delivered in the past and what we plan to deliver in the future that will keep our communities safer.”

With the changing climate, Mr Hellyer said how to pick safe and effective planned burn days has shifted too.

“While we had a wet start to summer, recent fires in the Grampians Region clearly indicates that our area has dried out significantly,” he said.

“However, the favourable and stable weather conditions during autumn will provide FFMVic an opportunity to deliver this critical work after we receive a little bit

of rain, with all available resources delivering the planned burning program.

“The bushfire risk management program is underpinned by scientific evidence, local knowledge and continuous improvement to make sure our work is focused where it will have the greatest impact in keeping Victoria safer.”

Members of the Country Fire Authority, Fire Rescue Victoria and Emergency Management Victoria are set to work with FFMVic to manage burn risks.

Where planned burning isn’t appropriate Mr Hellyer FFMVic staff mulch, mow, slash and spray.

A 725-hectare burn is planned for the Lerderderg State Park near the Blackwood Ranges Track.

Visit plannedburns.ffm.vic.gov.au for more information on FFMVic planned burning.