Can count goes up

February 13, 2024 BY

In the can: Regional return points for the container deposit scheme make up five of the top ten highest volume sites in the state. Photo: FILE

LOCAL container deposit depots have maintained a place in the top ten sites in the state.

As of 2 February, Bendigo’s return points have processed 5.8 million containers.

Envirobank operated return centres in Kangaroo Flat and East Bendigo have processed a combined 5.7 million containers since the start of the CDS, putting them at seventh and ninth on the list of top refund points.

An additional 58,000 containers were processed by the Foodshare over the counter refund point before it closed last month.

With up to 400 depots across the state, and just two operating in Bendigo, the figures potentially highlight local support for the container deposit scheme.

The financial benefit of the CDS for customers in Bendigo numbers up to $580,000 in money refunded.

Aluminium cans made up 57 per cent of containers returned in the region, followed by 20 per cent PET plastic bottle, and 19 per cent glass.

Topping the list as the highest volume site in the state is Mildura’s Exchange Depot, which has processed 5.7 million containers to date.

Statewide, the CDS has processed 190 million containers and refunded $19 million to customers.