Clean air for men’s shed members

March 8, 2024 BY

Breathing easy: Men’s Shed president Terry Hoctor, with Lorraine and Greg Speirs and Frank Dailey from the Heathcote Lions Club and Shed member Oliver Roleff, with a donation for a new dust extraction system. Photo: SANDRA JAMES

MEMBERS of the Heathcote Men’s Shed will breathe easier thanks to a donation from the Lions Club.

Club members visited the Men’s Shed last week to present them with a cheque for $18,000 towards a new dust extraction system.

Men’s Shed president Terry Hoctor said the system will be invaluable.

“When everyone is working in here, it gets pretty dusty,” he said.

“It’s not good for any of us and particularly those with emphysema, asthma and other breathing problems.

“The dust extraction system is amazing. It takes it all away from each of the machines and collects it all for disposal at the back of the shed.”

Initially, the system was quoted at $26,000.

“That was way beyond our means,” said Mr Hoctor. “We sell a lot of our work, from nest boxes to novelty animals, at the local market but we couldn’t possibly make that much.

“We are very grateful to the Lions Club for helping us out. Their donation enabled us to have the system installed and we’re all breathing much easier.”

Lions Club treasurer Frank Dailey said the group was happy to help.

“We are really pleased that this will benefit so many people and happy that we were in a position to help out,” he said.

“We are one service club helping another.”