Costerfield community gets tips on fire safety

November 17, 2023 BY

Summer ready: Long-term Costerfield resident Marg McAfee learnt about latest safety information from guest speaker Doreen Raven at the town’s recent fire preparedness event. Photo: JACKIE EVANS

BOTH long-term and new residents came together at the Costerfield Fire Essentials Day on Sunday to learn more about protecting properties and lives during the coming fire season.

CFA community liaison bushfire engagement facilitator Doreen Raven spoke of the need to leave early when there are fires in the area.

“We can rebuild houses and sheds, replace our belongings and make new gardens but we can’t replace you,” she said.

“Aim to leave early for your best chance of survival.”

Ms Raven also told attendees what they could expect if it was too late to leave in a bushfire emergency.

Marg McAfee has lived at Costerfield for more than 40 years and said the information day was valuable.

“I thought it was an excellent presentation,” she said. “Even if you think you’ve heard it all before, there are still new things to learn and lots of updated information.

“I especially liked the description of what to expect if you are caught in a fire and what to do after the fire front passes.

“I hope we don’t need it but if we do, we’ll be aware and well informed.”

Senior environment and community coordinator at Mandalay Resources, Kerstin Brauns, said the event was well supported by the community.

“It was a cracking day and a good turnout,” she said. “I hope everyone got to learn at least some little bit of information they didn’t already know.”

Meanwhile, Mandalay Resources community advisor Jodie O’Donohue thanked locals for attending.

“It was good to see the community come together for such an important topic, and I think that most people learned something new and were able to talk to their neighbours about the coming fire season,” she said.

“I’d like to thank the Costerfield and Graytown communities for attending and, especially, the CFA, SES, Heathcote Community House and ADF for their attendance and sharing their expertise.”