Council backs community opposing quarry at Wallan

March 28, 2024 BY

Council backs community opposing quarry at Wallan. Photo: Mitchell Shire Council website

MITCHELL Shire Council has again backed community opposition to the proposed quarry at 175 Northern Highway, Wallan.

In a decisive council meeting, council passed a motion reaffirming longstanding opposition to the quarry.

For years council has partnered with the community on the NO QUARRY for Beveridge/Wallan campaign advocating against the detrimental impact on Melbourne’s northern growth corridor.

Community opposition is evident through thousands of letters, submissions, petitions, and public demonstrations, reflecting a unanimous voice against the quarry.

Mitchell Shire spokesperson Cr Rob Eldridge said, “This motion is a testament to our unwavering resolve to protect our community’s health, wellbeing and future development.

“The toll on our community has been profound.

“It underscores an urgency for a resolution that respects the voices and needs of Wallan and Beveridge residents.

“We are fighting for an equitable outcome for our community.”

Council, voicing the concerns of its community, has appealed to the state government and the Minister for Planning, Sonya Kilkenny, urging a complete rejection of the quarry project.

The proposed development has been criticised for jeopardising residential expansion, impeding essential infrastructure, and putting crucial community facilities at risk.

Council’s motion calls for a reflection on the values and priorities of the state government’s planning policies and commitment to walkable, livable neighbourhoods.

It comes three years after the Planning Minister’s intervention in the quarry permit process, a period that has seen the local community’s resolve strengthen.