Duo’s display a dimensional one

November 7, 2022 BY

Creative partnership: Artists Terry Jarvis and Ian Dodd will showcase their works as part of a joint exhibition called Dimensional Diversity. Photo: TIM BOTTAMS

AN upcoming exhibition is set to share the differing dimensional output of two collaborating artists.

Artists Ian Dodd and Terry Jarvis’ Dimensional Diversity will be open at Dudley House from Friday, 11 November.

The show contains 20 stone and wood sculptures from Dodd and 50 watercolour paintings from Jarvis, who said the theme is about bridging the differences between their unique styles.

“Ian works in three-dimensional images you can walk around, whereas you would walk right up to mine,” he said.

“It’s about the blending of our differing shapes and forms. I’ve got small and large pieces and there’s different forms with Ian’s. To bring these two styles of work together is very special.”

As a local of three years, Dimensional Diversity will be Dodd’s first exhibit in Bendigo outside the Open Studios program, which he spearheaded last year.

Dodd has been creating his sculptures for about 20 years, while Jarvis has been a professional artist for more than three decades, and said he’s excited for audiences to see their pieces together.

“It seemed like a natural collaboration that just makes the whole thing complete, instead of isolating yourself as one artist,” Jarvis said.

“The companionship that we enjoy together has been terrific. We just clicked from the moment we met.

“It’s been really great to have both of our art pieces in the same exhibition, not only highlighting the three-dimensional and two-dimensional works, but also as mates exhibiting together.”

Dimensional Diversity will be open daily, 10am to 5pm, until Sunday, 20 November.