Every picture tells a story

June 15, 2024 BY

Making a statement: Heathcote artist John Daniels wants his work to make people think. Photo: SANDRA JAMES

ARTIST John Daniels has been a prolific painter since retiring and is currently exhibiting some of his work at the Heathcote Winery Gallery.

Daniels moved to Heathcote from Melbourne five years ago and is a member of Heathcote Artists Inc.

“I began painting upon retirement,” he said, “and I’ve produced quite a few since then.

“My house is full of them.”

Daniels wants each piece of his art to make a statement. “I want my art to say something; to tell a story, make a social comment or to show an irony,” he said.

“I want to comment and inform, so it’s manufactured reality, like a photoshop where I create a composition.”

The pieces on display at the gallery are only a small part of his collection.

“Because of the Winery’s policies, I was limited to what I could display,” he said.

“There is still a good variety though and you’ll see my aerial view dot paintings that I played with during COVID lockdowns.”

Although Daniels sells his work, he admits he could sell more. “My house is full of worthless or priceless art because I ask far too much,” he said.

“I once sold one, far too cheaply, and suffered separation anxiety: it was gone.”

More of Daniels’ art can be viewed on Instagram, @johndaniels9851. For prices on his work, email [email protected].