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Congratulations! Heathcote Fire Brigade Captain Kevin McCarthy (left) presents the winner’s trophy to the captain of the Edithvale brigade after the 1984 Heathcote Fireman’s Demonstration. Photos: FILE

FIRE, fashion and a milestone birthday, along with a grumble about the poor quality of council contractors, feature in this journey into the past.

In 1884 a concerned local voiced their frustration at the fire risk posed by grass in Barrack Reserve.

While January 1934 offered up a potted history of one of Toolleen’s oldest residents, and there was now a regular women’s page filled with fashion news and household tips.

Advances in printing techniques meant that photos could be reproduced, although there were only a few in each edition and they were supplied by outside organisations.

Fire brigade Captain Kevin McCarthy’s contribution to service was recognised when a perpetual trophy was inaugurated in 1984.


140 years ago

Published 11 January 1884

To the Editor of the McIvor Times

I desire through the medium of your columns to draw the attention of the “powers that be” to the imminent risk we run of having a number of the beautiful English trees &c. in our Reserve destroyed by fire.

Round many of them the grass is very dense and high, and this is particularly the case next High Street just where the risk from dropping matches is greatest.

A great mistake was made when the cutting of the grass was let, in not making it compulsory on the successful tenderer to cut and remove the whole of the grass and weeds instead of allowing him to cut where it suited him, and I trust this will receive attention next summer.

In the meantime, a man should be at once employed to cut the standing grass &c. and remove it.

The trees in and about the town are the wonder and admiration of visitors at this time of year, and that any of them should be destroyed for want of a little attention and the expenditure of a few shillings would, I am sure, be considered a calamity by every



90 years ago

Published 3 January 1934

Interesting items

Mr Hans Hansen, of Toolleen, who celebrated his 100th birthday on 28th November last, was born at Vestar Vested, a village near Rilu in the south of Denmark.

He came to Australia in the sailing ship Africa in 1856, and worked on the Bendigo goldfields.

He went back home in the steam ship Great Britain in 1864 and there married.

The first voyage in the sailing ship Africa took 112 days from Liverpool to Melbourne, and the latter city was then mostly tents.

The Bank of Australasia was being built when he came to Bendigo, the Beehive and Shamrock hotels being bark huts.

On going to Molyneaux goldfields in 1862 he took a coach as far as Woodend. On the return journey four months later the railway line was opened to Bendigo.

Coming out with his wife in 1865 in the steam ship Royal Standard the trip was made in between 60 and 70 days.

He settled in Bendigo for a time, afterwards going to Graytown, before taking up farming at Crosbie in 1870. His wife passed away in 1908.



The blond loveliness of Ann Harding, co-starred with Robert Montgomery in Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s When Ladies Meet, is effectively set off by the three-piece suit designed for her by Adrian.

The skirt and three-quarter length coat are of a biscuit-coloured wool in a diagonal weave.

The coat and cuffs are of brown suede attached to suede lacings. Brown crepe is the material of the waist and coat lining.

A chic and shallow turban type hat is set with a cluster of brown chenille fringe on one side.

Actress Ann Harding in her 1934 designer outfit.

40 years ago

Published 25 January 1984

The Heathcote Fireman’s Demonstration was held at the Heathcote Showgrounds on Sunday with a very good attendance of fire brigades from all over Victoria.

Edithvale won the overall aggregate for the demonstration for 1984.

A special presentation was made after the demonstration on Sunday.

Captain of the Heathcote Fire Brigade Kevin F. McCarthy was honoured with a special presentation by the local fire brigade.

A new trophy has been introduced by the Heathcote Fire Brigade in Kevin’s honour, known as the Kevin F. McCarthy Dry Aggregate Perpetual Trophy.

This trophy will be presented to the winner of this section each year at the Heathcote Fire Demonstration.

A 1934 advertisement reflects the district’s strong rural character.