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February features bank closures, road closures and planning permits.

In 1884, the Commercial Bank’s plan to abandon Heathcote was overturned after a successful campaign by local residents.

While in 1934 the Heathcote Tennis Club was looking to take part of Herriot Street for a new court.

Illegal sheds were in the spotlight in 1984 as smaller rural living subdivisions increased across the district.

On a lighter note, there were many happy faces at the annual swimming carnival.

140 years ago

Published 15 February 1884


We have seldom witnessed so much public interest being awakened locally on a subject outside of railways and mining matters as that caused by the announcement of the withdrawal of the Commercial Bank from here.

The townspeople appear to be fully alive to the loss the town would sustain by the closing of the institution named, which was recently referred to in our hearing as another kick down the hill for Heathcote in the event of its taking place.

It will be gratifying, however, to all who have the welfare of the town at heart to learn that the agitation is having good effect.

The numerous petitions-for we understand there are no less than six, numerously signed-that have gone down to the directors have resulted in the decision to reconsider the removal of the bank, and the outcome will be anxiously looked for by the public generally.

90 years ago

Published 21 February 1934

Objection to closing road

A communication was received from the Department of Lands and Survey, in connection with the council’s request that a portion of Herriot St be attached to the Barrack Reserve in order that a proposal from the Heathcote Tennis Club to construct another court be facilitated, and asking if council would be prepared to close the whole of the road between Wright Street and the creek.

Messrs W Cahill and J McIntosh waited on the council, and objected to the reduction in width of Herriot Street.

They said the side of the road required by the Tennis Club was that mostly used by the residents on the other side of the creek.

A footpath and drain on the other side prevented its use for other than pedestrian traffic.

On the motion of Crs Thomas and Lewis, it was decided to inform the Tennis Club of the objections.

40 years ago

Published 1 February 1984

Local sports

A perfect day made the Heathcote swimming carnival an enjoyable day for all the family and even encouraged a few of the “oldies” to participate.

The school relay race brought the whole crowd to their feet as the children fought out a very close race.

60 Illegal sheds in McIvor Shire

An inspection of buildings in the McIvor Shire was carried out by the Building Inspector, Mr Brian Flowers, during the Christmas new year.

As a result approximately 60 illegal sheds, trams, trains, buses and caravans were noted and owners asked to comply with regulations within two weeks.

Mr Flowers said that many of the sheds complied with UBR (Uniform Building Regulations), but the owners had failed to obtain a permit for their erection.

About 70 per cent of these owners had applied for permit since, but Mr Flowers stressed that many people may not be aware of the need for permits with the McIvor Shire.

Many of these buildings have appeared in the last few months and with the updating of the caravan by law and the increasing number of people buying blocks in the new subdivisions it is important that permits be obtained and regulations adhered to.

Innovative curiosities, such as these racing goggles for motorcyclists, were placed randomly among other news items during the 1930s.