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Proud Aussies: Bendigo federal member John Brumby, watches Costerfield Primary School students hoist their new flag. Photo: FILE

140 years ago

Published 7 March 1884

Snake encounter

A snake of the brown species was pluckily killed on Saturday afternoon last by Elizabeth Herman, who was sitting in the shade of a tree, with the children, on the property of a proprietor of this paper.

The snake, which was between 4 and 5 feet in length, had approached within a foot of the girl when one of the children noticed it and gave the alarm.

Published 14 March 1884

St Patrick’s Day Sports

The programme of sports to be held on the local racecourse on Monday next, St Patrick’s day, will be found in another part of this issue.

As it is not often the townspeople and others in the locality have an opportunity of witnessing anything of the kind here, we have no doubt the occasion will prove a source of attraction to numbers who wish for a day’s amusement.

The sports are to be wound up by a ball in the Town Hall in the evening.

On the same day, Mr T Craven caters for the public amusement and has published in posters a very good programme of sports to be held at his hotel at Toolleen.

The sports are to consist of horse racing, foot racing and other contests, also to conclude with the ball at the hotel in the evening.

A conveyance announced to run from the Northumberland Arms to the races at Toolleen.

A number of the business places at Heathcote will be closed in the afternoon.

90 years ago

Published 7 March 1934

Keep its colour by —

Putting beetroot into fast-boiling water to cook, with a pinch of salt added. Be very careful that the skin isn’t broken, and don’t break off the tiny rootlets by forcing into a small saucepan.

Plunging hard-boiled eggs into cold water the very instant you take them out of their boiling water. This prevents a black line round the yolk.

Sprinkle lemon juice over peeled and cut up bananas when preparing a banana sweet or trifle.

Using fast boiling water for green peas and green vegetables. In pushing on cabbage and similar green stuff, put in half first and let the water come to the fast boil again before adding the rest. Too much green stuff at once will cool the water down long enough for your vegetable to lose its attractive colour.

Choosing first-quality sugar for your jams and jellies, and stirring with a silver or wooden spoon. Metal ruins the colour. Store in a dark, dry place, for light will fade even the best-coloured jams.

Stirring your chocolate icing over a very gentle heat after the sugar is added, so that the mixture will dissolve without getting too hot. If it gets more than just warm enough to coat the back of a spoon it will dry dull and crack.

Covering the pan with a clean cloth instead of the lid when leaving potatoes to steam after straining. The cloth absorbs the steam instead of allowing it to go back into the potatoes as drops of water, making them dark and sodden.

Adding lemon juice or a little white vinegar to the water you are cooking fish in. Put it in before the fish goes in so that the latter gets the benefit of it from the beginning.

Newsprint: In 1884 the McIvor Times was not only a newspaper, but also the local printers. Photo: FILE

40 years ago

Published 29 February 1984

New flag presented to Costerfield Primary School

Alan Harris a student at the Costerfield primary school, wrote to Mr. John Brumby MHR last year requesting a new flag to replace their old, rather worn Australian flag.

As a result, Mr Brumby visited the Costerfield school last Wednesday to present the new flag to the school along with a booklet to explain the significance of the design.

High tech: Heathcote’s new video shop offered movies at two for $8 in 1984, which is the equivalent of about $29 today. Photo: FILE

Published 28 March 1984

Attempt to reform Heathcote Young Farmers

An attempt is presently underway to try and reform the Heathcote Young Farmers, which last went into recess in 1977.

A Scavenger Hunt has been organised for this Thursday March 29 at 8pm starting at the Young Farmers Clubrooms at the Heathcote Showgrounds.

Cover charge will be $1 per person

Also, on Sunday April 1 at 2pm there will be an inter club Activities afternoon with Softball followed by a barbecue tea. (Please bring your own meat).

Young Farmers is for anyone between the ages of 16 and 26.