Fun down Memory Lane

March 22, 2024 BY

Special memories: Ange Graystone will lead participants as they recall the hobbies and games they played in the past. Photo: SUPPLIED

HEATHCOTE Library will hold another Memory Place session, Hobbies and Games, this afternoon.

The event will be held from 2-3pm.

Previous Memory Place sessions included Craft and Sewing, Early Working Life, Kitchens and Cooking and Family Fun.

Each session centres around a special memory kit containing items from the past.

“These Memory Place sessions are always joyful and all the participants have fun,” said Library Service Officer, Ange Graystone. “This one will be extra special as we remember hobbies and games. The things that made us smile in the past.

“We place items from the kit on the table to get conversations started, then everyone is welcome to share their memories.

“Some people remember things from their own childhood, others recall things their parents told them.”

The sessions are designed to be a fun gathering with participants sharing their stories and memories rather than a presentation.

“The Memory Kit provides prompts to spark memories, and often things we thought were long forgotten,” said Ms Graystone.

“We will share some laughs as we remember fun we enjoyed in the past with an assortment of items collected from those days including Kewpie Dolls, and an old favourite, the whoopee cushion.

“It’s a great way to connect with others who grew up in different times and share our memories.

“Everyone is welcome to join in. “And, of course, we will have tea and bickies, too!”

To book for the session call at the library or phone 5433 3734.