Further flood funding confirmed

January 27, 2023 BY

In progress: The State Government has so far allocated $165 million toward emergency road repairs across Victoria as a result of last year's flooding. Photo: FILE

ADDITIONAL State Government money has been made available to help regions impacted by last spring’s flooding with programs targeting roadwork and women’s health recently announced.

As part of a push to fix damaged roads a further $41.3 million is set for projects including rebuilding sections of the Elmore-Raywood and Bendigo-Pyramid roads.

Additional works from the funding pool including clearing flood debris from roadside and fixing areas impacted by landslides.

The new money brings the State Government’s total allocation of cash for emergency roadworks as a result of the floods to $165 million.

“Floods and extreme rainfall have caused major damage to roads right across the state,” said Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Melissa Horne.

“We are starting the first large-scale repairs in the north of the state, where we’ve seen some of the worst damage caused by these floods.

“Our crews are working around the clock to make sure people and freight can keep moving safely on our roads.”

Meanwhile, a program to support woman affected by the natural disaster was launched last weekend, with $1.2 million set aside for local women’s health services.

Fund from the announcement will go to Women’s Health Loddon Mallee and Women’s Health Goulburn North East in an effort to provide “tailored mental health and social support programs.”

“We know women take on more of the emotional and psychological burden during and after disasters, putting them most at risk of mental distress and social isolation,” said Minister for Women, Natalie Hutchins.

“Recovery takes time, which is why we’re continuing to support women that have been affected by the widespread flooding across Victoria through this funding boost.”