Gallery secures dualling commitments

November 18, 2022 BY

Creative accounting: At least some of the $48 million needed to revamp the Bendigo Gallery will be delivered following competing election pledges by both major parties. Image: FILE

NO matter who wins government on 26 November, the Bendigo Art Gallery is getting some of the money needed for its proposed major overhaul.

Last Tuesday the Labor Party pledged $21 million towards the project that includes an expansion of the facility into Rosalind Park and a second story on the main building.

The Gallery revamp project has an overall estimated price tag of $48 million.

“Bendigo Art Gallery has the potential to be one of Australia’s leading galleries – recognised by both local and international visitors,” said Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards.

“Our redevelopment will help the Gallery unlock its full potential, attracting bigger audiences, showcasing more artworks and creating more jobs, a win for Bendigo and the wider community.”

In September the Bendigo Art Gallery was the site of a pledge by the Liberal Party with a $15.5 million commitment to the project.

Member for Bendigo East and Deputy-Premier, Jacinta Allan, took a shot at the Opposition over that amount.

“The people of Bendigo deserve the very best facilities, which is why we are going to revitalise Bendigo Art Gallery, attracting thousands more visitors to our region each year,” she said.

“For years the Liberals and Nationals have only taken an interest in Bendigo when they come looking for votes at election time.

“Their underfunded promises can’t be trusted and only Labor will deliver what our community needs.”

As part of funding sought for the project, $31 million was being sought from both State and Federal government, while the rest would be made up of contributions from the City of Greater Bendigo, the Bendigo Art Gallery, and donations.