Librarian leaves with heart full of memories

July 5, 2024 BY

Goldfields Library staff Gemma Rayner, Russell Easton, Lee Power, Ange Graystone, CEO Mark Hands and Elise Wright joined with patrons to wish Heathcote Librarian Lynne Fouracre (centre) the best. Photo: SANDRA JAMES

STAFF and patrons gathered for afternoon tea at Heathcote Library last Friday to say goodbye to librarian Lynne Fouracre who is retiring after more-than a quarter of a century of service.

“The afternoon tea marked a bittersweet moment in my life,” said Ms Fouracre. “I’ve spent over 25 serving this wonderful community.

“Standing in front of colleagues, patrons and friends, I was filled with gratitude, nostalgia, and a touch of melancholy.

“When I stepped into this haven of knowledge, I never imagined the impact it would have on my heart.

“The shelves lined with books like old friends, whispered stories of adventure, romance, and wisdom.

“Our library isn’t just a building, it’s a sanctuary; a place where dreams take flight, where imaginations soar above the confines of reality.

“It is where children discover the magic of storytelling, where teenagers seek refuge from the storms of adolescence, and where adults seek answers to life’s most profound questions.”

Ms Fouracre said that over the years, she’d the privilege of recommending books, organising book clubs, and witnessing joy on a child’s face when they checked out their very first library card.

“Our library has been a mirror reflecting the soul of this community – a place where everyone is welcome,” she said.

“As I step into retirement, I carry with me a heart full of memories.

“I also carry the hope that this legacy will continue, that the next librarian will nurture this space with the same love and dedication.

Not closing the book: Librarian Lynne Fouracre has ended one chapter but is looking forward to the next in her life. Photo: SUPPLIED


“I thank my colleagues for their unwavering support and camaraderie and our patrons who have become more than visitors; they have become friends.

“As I close this chapter, I leave you with a simple request: keep turning those pages. Seek knowledge, embrace wonder, and let the library be your compass in this ever-changing world.

“Within these walls, you’ll always find a friend – a librarian who believes in the magic of stories and the power of community.”

Ms Fouracre will soon embark on a well-earned holiday, a six-week tour of Europe.

Elise Wright, coordinator of community-based services at Goldfields Library Corporation, said Ms Fouracre will be greatly missed.

“Lynne’s dedication has quietly enriched our community, leaving a lasting legacy at the heart of our local library,” she said.

“From nurturing young minds to assisting patrons of all ages with research and technology help, her impact has inspired generations.

“Lynne’s invaluable mentorship has not only shaped library services but also guided and supported her colleagues, leaving a lasting impression on all who have worked alongside her.”

Ms Wright said the large number of community members who attended the afternoon tea spoke volumes.

“It was heartwarming to witness our community gathering to celebrate Lynne’s retirement and wonderful to hear stories from patrons who have been attending the Heathcote Library for over 25 years and sharing their personal connections with Lynne,” she said.