Lions give to help tennis club repairs

June 14, 2024 BY

A helping hand: Jeanette Deadman, Katelyn Johnson, Cameron Haskett, Lorraine and Greg Speirs, all look forward to the completion of repairs to the Heathcote Tennis Club rooms. Photo: SANDRA JAMES

THANKS to a generous donation from the local Lions Club, the Heathcote Tennis Club are a step closer to completing repairs to their clubrooms.

The tennis courts and clubrooms were badly damaged during the October 2022 floods and again earlier this year.

President of the Heathcote Lions Club, Lorraine Speirs, presented tennis club treasurer Cameron Haskett with a cheque for $2000 last weekend.

“This will go a long way towards repairing the damage caused by the two flood events,” said Mr Haskett.

“We really appreciate the help from the Lions Club.

“The club is thriving with keen interest in tennis, Hot Shots and the recent addition of Pickleball.

“This donation will be a great help towards the repairs to the clubhouse which was extensively damaged.”

Ms Speirs said the Lions Club is always happy to be able to help community groups.

“The funds we raise throughout the year all go back into the community with various projects,” she said.

“We are happy for people to contact us if they see a need and we would also like to invite any interested people to join the Lions Club.

“We’ve seen here the results of what we do and it’s very rewarding.”

Lions Club secretary Greg Speirs added, “If we don’t support our sporting clubs, we don’t have a town.

“It’s great to be able to help.”

Anyone interested in joining the Lions Club can call Mr Speirs on 0408 332 235.