Mayoral duo decided

November 4, 2022 BY

New term: City of Greater Bendigo’s Cr Jennifer Alden has been voted deputy mayor, while Cr Andrea Metcalf has been re-elected mayor. Photo: TIM BOTTAMS

CITY of Greater Bendigo mayor Cr Andrea Metcalf will continue her role for a second consecutive term, with Cr Jennifer Alden as deputy.

Cr Metcalf said she will continue to address the municipality’s to-do list, including the State election, Commonwealth Games, flood recovery, and appointing a new CEO.

“It’s going to be really busy, the next 12 months,” she said. “The CEO appointment will determine the culture of the organisation for the next five years.

“Floods are significant across our region, and Bendigo has a lead in that… providing support to other councils in terms of staff and things like that.

“A lot of mayors who have already done two years say it is that second year you really hit your straps. I would hope to find that we get some real movement going forward.”

Cr Alden last served as deputy mayor during the 2017/18 term, and preceded Cr Metcalf’s current tenure as mayor.

She said the new mayoral structure precedes a year of expected development in 2023.

“There’ll be changes next year with the move to Galkangu. Organisationally…with a new CEO, that’s a big change for the City of Greater Bendigo,” she said.

“It’s great to be a part of that transition into a new phase and a new era. We’ve had back-to-back challenges with COVID and then now with the floods.

“That does present some challenges for the [2022/23] budget and there will have to be some discussions around how that money is going to be spent equitably.”

Cr Alden said she’s looking ahead to May’s Bendigo Climate Summit; the culmination of forums between the municipality and environmental groups.