New scoreboard brightens up gamedays

August 18, 2023 BY

Good score: Netballer Jess Lee with Community Bank Heathcote & District board member Andrew Campbell, branch manager Teri Johnson, board chair Natalie Sheridan-Smith and HFNC president Bec Dickinson. Photo: BARBARA SUNGAILA

LOCAL netballers have a new electronic scoreboard courtesy of a grant from the Community Bank Heathcote & District.

Following the more than $5500 donation, volunteers will no longer need to lift the old metal scoreboard out onto the courts at each game and manually change the tally after each goal.

Heathcote FNC president Bec Dickinson said members were glad they would no longer have to struggle with the big sheet metal numbers, and fewer volunteers would be needed for each game, making things easier overall.

“The new scoreboard is fantastic, words can’t describe how excited we are to have it,” she said. “Especially having the community bank, a local establishment, coming on board.

“The girls wanted it, so they applied and worked together very closely with the bank, and it’s come through.”

Ms Dickinson said B Grade player Jess Lee had been a driving force in making it happen.

“She worked very strongly together with the Community Bank, she initiated the process and it’s all come through thanks to her participation,” she said.

Bank board chair Natalie Sheridan-Smith said members were thrilled to be supporting the club with the electronic scoreboard.

“Sport is such an important part of life in a country town,” she said. “While a scoreboard may sound like something so small to others, it has such a big impact for so many in this club.”

Applications for the next round of Community Bank Heathcote & District grants will open in October.

There will be an information evening on Monday 2 October.

Further details will be available closer to the date from the bank’s website, as well as their Facebook and Instagram pages.