Origami for social housing

July 9, 2024 BY

For a worthy cause: Members of the Chatty Community Crafting group took time off from their regular activities to make origami houses. Photos: SUPPLIED

HEATHCOTE Community House is supporting the Victorian Homelessness Network’s campaign Houses at Parliament to highlight the town’s need for social housing.

Aiming to raise awareness about the urgent need for more social and public housing the VHN are asking groups and individuals to fold 60,000 origami houses and display them during and leading up to Homelessness Week.

On 31 July, they will be displaying 6000 houses at State Parliament, representing 10 per cent of the 60,000 social homes needed in Victoria.

The VHN is asking that the State and Federal Governments commit to build at least 60,000 appropriate social homes to meet the current need in Victoria.

Packs with information, paper and instructions are available at HCH.

“How privileged we are to be part of this project,” said HCH executive officer Vicki Forde.

“We hope we can help to shine the light on the need for more social housing in small rural towns like Heathcote.

Packs with information, paper and instructions can be picked up from the community house.


“Unfortunately, we have many vulnerable people in and around Heathcote, vulnerable to homelessness and insecure housing.

“You know when this challenge walks through the door of small-town community houses, the housing crisis is real indeed.”

The VHN reports there are 30,000 Victorians who don’t have a home, including 6800 children.

“We hope our MPs and community can join with us to improve the living conditions of many across Victoria and our beautiful hamlet,” she said Ms Forde.

“Please let us know if you’d like to pick up a pack from the community house with a few sheets of paper and instructions.

“You can decorate the houses and make people aware of our Heathcote cause, too. Take photos of your house and/or display and share on social media.

“Share them to Heathcote Community House, too and we can post them. Bring houses back to HCH to be passed onto the VHN.”