Roles for all in upcoming theatre production

November 10, 2023 BY

In the wings: Mudbrick Motley Theatre is set to stage a production of The Old People are Revolting with auditions on soon. Photo: SUPPLIED

AUDITIONS for Mudbrick Motley Theatre’s upcoming production of The Old People are Revolting will be held on Sunday, 19 November at the Guide Hall, from 2pm.

Founder of the theatre company, Maree Hingston, said there are roles for everyone, no matter what their talents.

“I want this to be a production that involves as much of our community as possible,” she said.

“We already have input from the Heathcote Writers’ Playgroup, Community House, U3A and the Heathcote Songbirds with Sally Heley as musical director, and I want to invite other groups to participate.

“The production you see on stage involves so much more than the actors.

“We also need a producer, director, assistant director, lighting and sound technicians, backstage staff, extras, set design and building, prop managers, costume designers and dressers.

“Then there are roles for front of house staff, bookings and ticket sales. Every role is important.”

Hingston has been involved in acting and theatre for more than 40 years.

“I’ve filled most backstage roles at various times over the years and performed in different genres in many different theatre companies,” she said.

“I’ve also performed in a professional capacity on stage, on television and in film.

“I look forward to sharing this experience with anyone who is interested in acting or other roles.

“If you would like to audition, or just come along and find out more about producing a play, you will be very welcome.

The Old People are Revolting is set to be staged in April 2024 and Hingston can be contacted by email at [email protected].