Safety focus for workshop

November 7, 2022 BY

Open to all: The workshop will be held virtually on Monday, and volunteers are invited. Photo: FILE

A FREE online session for members of volunteer organisations about legal obligations and risk management is set to be offered this week.

The workshop will take place via Zoom on Monday, 7 November from 9.30am to 12.30pm and will be hosted by the Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre.

Manager Helen Yorston said the session will provide essential information for volunteer leaders.

“Getting that risk management and safety aspect whether it’s for a community event or everyday activities is really important,” she said.

“Attendees can be maybe a new board member or even existing ones looking for a refresher. They can be a manager or even a volunteer coordinator running events.

“But it’s open to anybody in the community that would like to learn more.”

The session is being sponsored by the State Government, and lawyers from non-profit group Justice Connect will lead the workshop.

Topics will include legal and child safety requirements, processes for risk management, available insurance, and general safety tips.

Ms Yorston said the session will strengthen the local volunteer community.

“With this session, volunteers will be able to come along to an initiative and know their organisation values them with a safe environment to work in,” she said.

“We don’t want any incidents but it’s important to know they’ll be covered, and risk management is just such an important part of everyday life.

“It’s all part of our support for community organisations as they reengage volunteers to make sure we have our policies and procedures in place for their safety.”

RSVP by contacting the Volunteer Hub at [email protected] or 5441 1404.