Session focused on tech safety

August 11, 2023 BY

Cyber sense: A know-how session planned for Tooborac Primary School is aiming to provide attendees with information on how to keep safe online. Photo: BARBARA SUNGAILA

TOOBORAC Primary School is hosting a cyber safety session for parents and carers of children later this month.

The session is set for Monday 14 August and acting principal Damien Humphrey said it was an opportunity to learn about what children might encounter online, and how to deal with any challenges that could arise.

“Coming into the school this term, I noticed that the students needed to improve some of their technology skills,” he said. “Then a staff member mentioned the ThinkUKnow programs.

“We just thought this would be a fantastic opportunity as some of the students are going into year 7 next year.

“That’s always a big jump for any kid, going into secondary school.

“It’s quite daunting thing, giving a young child a phone and then being able to manage that.

“It’s always good for parents to have a little bit more understanding about the online world and technology.

“There are a lot of influences out there, so this is about being able to educate the students and their families around those sorts of things.”

The session is targeted at adults and will be run by ThinkUKnow, a partnership between the Australian Federal Police, the Commonwealth Bank, Datacom, and Microsoft.

“We thought it would be a good idea,” Mr Humphrey said. “Not only for the families of our school but the wider community as well.

“If there’s anyone out there that’s wanting to know a little bit more about technology and the online world, then they’re welcome to come along.

“It’s all about child safety; knowing how to report, how to get help if there is something that comes up in their child’s life, and how to go about supporting them through a difficult situation.”

Tooborac students are also set to benefit from an in-house cyber-safety session with a police officer.

“It is important to educate families and to give students strategies to be able to cope with the online world,” Mr Humphreys said.

The ThinkUKnow presentation is at Tooborac Primary School on Monday 14 August at 6pm, call 5433 5225 for more information.