Snake safety advice issued

October 6, 2023 BY

Biting message: Government officials are warning of the risk of snakes and how to avoid them as the weather starts to get warmer. Photo: FILE

AS the weather warms, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, or DEECA, officers are urging people to be cautious of snakes.

On hotter days, snakes become active to mate and seek food, but a spokesperson said they’re usually non-threatening if not disturbed.

“Snakes prefer to keep away from people,” the DEECA spokesperson said. “They rely on external sources like the sun to give them energy.

“Most snake bites occur when people try to capture or kill them. Leave them alone and keep your pets away.

“Snakes are known to bite animals if they feel threatened. If your dog or cat encounters a snake, move your pet away or keep it on a lead while the snake is in the area.

“If you suspect your pet has been bitten, take it to a vet immediately.”

Community members are encouraged to keep animals away from snake-prone areas, control rodents and pests, and to stay calm, move away slowly, and call a licensed catcher or DEECA on 136 186 if they see a snake.

Keep lawns tidy, and limit wood, rock, or scrap piles where snakes can hide. When walking through bushland, wear covered shoes, long pants, take first aid supplies, and a mobile phone.

A statement from DEECA said, “Snakes are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975, and capturing, harming, or killing them is illegal.”