Songs to explore space and being

November 12, 2023 BY

Broad sounds: Paige Duggan’s latest album Cosmos Made Conscious was supported with funding from Creative Victoria and Regional Arts Victoria. Photo: SUPPLIED

DURING her formative years, jazz musician Paige Duggan struggled to understand science and cosmology.

Now with more than two decades of performing behind her, Duggan is exploring those concepts through her latest album Cosmos Made Conscious.

Following the record’s Melbourne-based launch in mid-October, she’s bringing the album to Bendigo later this month as part of what she’s calling a slow regional tour.

Duggan said she’s excited to introduce the album to regional audiences.

“I’m looking forward to bringing this to regional centres where perhaps they don’t get this sort of artistic thing coming through often,” she said.

“We’ll have music, animation, art, all-abilities friendly, and it’s all-in-one.

“The show will be an enriching experience where the visuals will really give you an insight into what I was thinking, feeling, and seeing while composing.”

Duggan will be joined by guitarist Robbie Melville, bassist Zoe Frater, wind and brass player Gideon Brazil, and Maddison Carter on drums, all of whom performed on the album.

The live show will be accompanied by an animated visual arts projection featuring dozens of works created by Duggan.

Work on Cosmos Made Conscious began early last year, after which the 13-track album was recorded at Melbourne’s Pughouse Studios.

Duggan said the album explores humanity’s connection with and relationship to the wider universe.

“I’ve always respected science and believed in it,” she said. “Understanding the universe and the cosmos is something I’ve always been intrigued and slightly scared by.

“When you consider particle physics, we’re made of these tiny little things the rest of the universe is made of, how is it we have consciousness and what separates us?

“I started this coming out of COVID and we’d all been stuck in out little worlds. I wanted to really go outside myself and explore a body of work that turned out to be as far outside yourself as you possibly can.”

An accessibility table will feature at the show for deaf and disabled attendees.

Duggan’s local performance will take place at 7pm at the Old Church on the Hill on Saturday 18 November.

General admission tickets are $27.78 at bit.ly/3QMZciN, while those struggling financially can request a free Gertrude ticket for the event, either at the door or by contacting Duggan on her social media or via her website.