Such a beautiful boy!

October 21, 2023 BY

Tabby the Tabby cat’s ideal home would be with a family who will love him, give him the attention he wants and all the food he can eat.

Loving the outdoors, Tabby would be super happy if he had a safe area out in your yard that he can go out and play in.

He would love it if his safe area has a lot of things he can climb as Tabby just loves being up high seeing the world from the top also a chair in it so his new family can also chill out in there with him on the nice days.

This boy will be your best friend, he will be the love of your life and the light of you day!

Tabby loves being around people and he will just follow you around, he will also be happy to hang out with you why your with your friends and any family that comes over… So hopefully they like cats!!.

Tabby loves to chase balls and play with his toys, he really is just a young boy at heart.

Seeking an only cat family as Tabby really doesn’t like sharing his home with another cat, we think this is fair and Tabby really is enough “cat” to own!!

Older kids who can respect Tabby’s space and allow him to settle in before wanting to carry him around everywhere!

Super loving cat that is the perfect cat for someone looking for a best friend.

To book a meet and greet with Tabby please phone 5441-2209 or email [email protected].

Available to meet, adopt and take home now. Microchip number 956000012832710.