Total fire ban tomorrow

March 17, 2023 BY

Tomorrow is a total fire ban day. Photo: FILE

DUE to hot weather, tomorrow, Saturday, 18 March, will be a day of total fire ban for the region.

No fires are to be burning, or lit, throughout the day, including campfires and fuel reduction burns.

“We are asking people to take heed of the total fire ban conditions,” CFA chief officer Jason Heffernan said.

“People need to be aware of the increased fire danger and ensure your fire plan covers all possible contingencies.”

People who have permits for a fuel-reduction burn must postpone their plans to light the fire until it is safe to do so.

Victorians are encouraged to be careful if they are outdoors, or limit their time outside, and to minimise travel.

“Even though we’re not in summer, it’s one of those really difficult days that you get from time to time over the summer period where it’s hot, its windy, its uncomfortable,” Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan said.

“Following the rain events of last year, there is a lot of grass, a lot of fuel around as it’s dried out over the summer period.”