Knockdown rebuilds: a gateway to building your dream home

November 11, 2023 BY

A knockdown rebuild process can be the best way to your dream home and now national builder Metricon is hosting an online event on the process.

HOME builder Metricon is excited to present an exclusive, free webinar on the knockdown rebuild process, or KDRB.

Metricon’s curated, in-depth insights into the KDRB process will be shared in the interactive webinar, with all of the advantages of building a brand-new contemporary home in the right location detailed with expert advice.

Taking place on Wednesday, 15 November, from 6.30pm to 7pm, the webinar will feature a panel of experts who detail every step in the knockdown rebuild journey.

Viewers can expect expert insights into the process, real customer success stories, interactive Q&A with industry specialists and access to a free site appraisal opportunity.

This webinar will be hosted by TV personality Liz Cantor, who has also personally been a KDRB customer of Metricon’s, building her family’s dream home in 2019.

During this interactive webinar, participants will be invited to actively participate by asking questions along the way, with the team on hand to provide real-time responses, ensuring an informative and interactive experience.

“The KDRB market has continued to grow in recent years, particularly in inner urban suburbs where there are larger-sized blocks with outdated homes that aren’t meeting the lifestyle needs of today’s homeowner,” said Metricon’s general manager of Sales Victorian housing, Drew Glascott.

“This webinar will look at the advantages of building a brand-new contemporary home in the perfect location.

“With over 150 leading-edge home designs from our portfolio, we have a spectacular range of single and double-storey home designs.

“Metricon has specialised KDRB team who are experienced in the process, including checking title boundaries, covenants, zoning, planning overlays, local council guidelines, and residential building codes to assess the physical practicalities of sites. If you are considering the possibility of a knockdown rebuild project then this webinar is not to be missed.”

Registrations for the webinar are now open via bit.ly/3se2ulI and spaces are limited.