Metricon helps local stone worker to go it alone and build his dream home

July 22, 2023 BY

Rebecca Cooper from Metricon has been helping Dylan Nuske get into his own home. Photo: STEVE WOMERSLEY

METRICON, Australia’s largest home builder, is helping local Castlemaine resident Dylan Nuske bring his dream of building a home of his own to life, after he thought it wouldn’t be possible as a single person in the current climate of interest rate hikes.

Mr Nuske, a yard supervisor for local company Yarrabee and Castlemaine Stone, wasn’t sure if going it alone building a new home was financially possible but was unwilling to wait in the current climate of seemingly endless interest rate hikes.

“I wanted to get in the market as soon as possible, before I got squeezed out and then I couldn’t do it,” he said.

Mr Nuske said reconnecting with Metricon, after previously having to abandon a build with them for personal reasons, reassured him that it really was possible to go it alone.

“I didn’t think I was in the market for that on my own, but I had a conversation with my Metricon sales agent who was able to offer me great value based on the fact that I had the title to my land all ready to go,” he said.

“He was very knowledgeable and had loads of great ideas for the new build that made it feel really easy.”

Having settled on a four-bedroom design, Mr Nuske is looking to the future.

“I’d love to settle down and have a family, and because I’ve got a pretty decent bock, I didn’t want to limit it’s potential by putting a small house on it,” he said.

Rebecca Cooper, Metricon’s regional north sales manager said Mr Nuske’s story of going it alone building on a regional block is increasingly common across Australia.

“Affordability is so important in the current climate, and Metricon is determined to help as many people into their dream home as possible,” she said. “That includes single income customers.

“Our sales teams across the country work hard to help buyers like Dylan, connecting them to the best promotional offers and working to get building as soon as possible.”

Mr Nuske is building a Delta design home with a Kingston facade.

Metricon’s strength lies in its local focus, Ms Cooper said.

“We have a strong relationship with local councils, so we can support customers in getting through the red tape as quickly and smoothy as possible,” she said.

“We can deliver these great offers in areas where we know we have the existing trade connections, where we have a strong relationship with everybody that’s involved in the journey.”

“Our regional offices employ local people who have on-the-ground knowledge and have built strong relationship within those communities.

“It means that we can be a lot more agile in helping people like Dylan. I love the individual journeys that we get to be a part of.”

Mr Nuske knew he wanted to settle down in Castlemaine.

“I’ve travelled all around the world, but I always knew I wanted to come home,” he said.

“When you’re a teenager, small country towns can seem boring, but when you get older the peace is perfect. It’s not hectic like Melbourne.”