Peak body welcomes appointment of new premier

October 7, 2023 BY

Member for Bendigo East and new Premier Jacinta Allan has been welcomed to the top job by Master Builders Victoria.

THE head of Master Builders Victoria has congratulated Jacinta Allan on her appointment as Victoria’s forty-ninth Premier.

MBV CEO Michaela Lihou said the appointment of Ms Allan marked an important step, as work continues on strengthening the industry through innovation, creating greater opportunities for skilled workers and more homes for Victorians.

“Master Builders Victoria remains committed to ensuring the seamless continuation of our industry’s growth and prosperity under this new leadership,” Ms Lihou said.

“We are confident that, by striking the correct balance through negotiations with the new Premier and her team, we can continue to build a better industry.

“We believe that collaboration between the government, industry stakeholders, and the broader community will be key to achieving our shared goals.”

Ms Lihou said she looked forward to engaging with Ms Allan and the government she leads on issues such as industry innovation, skills development, affordability, regulatory reform, and sustainable building practices.

“These issues are central to our mission of ensuring that the building and construction industry remains a pillar of the Victorian economy.”

Ms Lihou also acknowledged the efforts of former Premier Daniel Andrews.

“Mr Andrews’ commitment to industry was underlined last week with the release of the state government’s housing statement and the launch of the Affordability Partnership between the Government and industry stakeholders,” Ms Lihou said.

“The plan to build 80,000 homes a year is ambitious but it provides a pathway of stability for Victoria’s builders.

“We thank Mr Andrews for his contribution as one of Victoria’s longest-serving Labor Premiers.”