A great start for junior footballers

June 16, 2024 BY

Kicking goals: Auskickers look forward to their weekly sessions, learning about football and enjoying fun activities. Photo: SANDRA JAMES

AFTER recent Auskick cancellations due to bad weather, children ranging in ages from five to twelve enjoyed fun in the sun last week.

The sessions are held on Thursdays from 4pm to 5pm at the Barrack Reserve oval.

The children are coached by Tom Tobin, himself a former Auskick participant.

“Tom enjoyed Auskick when he was young,” said his wife Lauren Tobin, who helps to set up each week.

“He’s been coaching for the last two years and now our son is playing and will move up to the Heathcote Under 12s next year.”

About 20 children participate in each session.

“They are a great, enthusiastic bunch,” said Ms Tobin, “and we get tremendous support from all the parents.

“Each session they start with a warm-up, then split into groups for different activities and games.

“At the same time the Under 12s, Under 14s, Under 16 and senior teams arrive to train on different parts of the oval.

“It’s an inspiration for the kids to see and the atmosphere here each Thursday is fantastic.”

A break-up is held at the end of the term and children are presented with medals.

The Auskick sessions are open to all children aged between 5 and 12.

Anyone interested can contact Mr Tobin on 0417 376 382 or email [email protected].

“Everyone is welcome,” said Ms Tobin.