Saints bolster key position stocks

November 10, 2023 BY

On the move: Daniel Johnstone is set to become a Saint, making the move from South Bendigo for next season. Photo: FILE

HEATHCOTE has bolstered key position strength as it strives to go from runner-up to Bendigo Bank Heathcote DFNL senior footy champions in 2024.

The Saints have been among the most active and successful on the recruiting front in recent weeks.

Latest signings for a team to again be coached by Andrew Saladino for the third year in a row are key defender Daniel Johnstone from South Bendigo, and forward Cooper Webber-Mirkin from Trentham.

For Webber-Mirkin it’s a switch from the communion of Saints at Trentham to Heathcote.

A star for Trentham the past three seasons, Webber-Mirkin is likely to play at centre half-forward in a Heathcote line-up that includes the brilliant Corey Grindlay.

Despite missing several matches with a finger injury, Grindlay kicked 70 goals in his first season with Heathcote.

On grand final day the Saints were outpointed by Mount Pleasant captain and gun ruckman Chris Down.

Heathcote has recruited former Kyneton captain James Orr as number one ruckman.

Zak Saad makes his way from Rupertswood to join a Heathcote line-up that includes Sam Cheatley medallist Liam Jacques, Jesse Davies, Bill Direen, Braden Padmore, and captain Codie Price.

The Saints have not won the HDFNL senior premiership since 2010.