Tania Tonks – leading on the home front with Metricon

March 8, 2024 BY

Metricon’s Regional Manager, Tania Tonks, started in admin and customer service and two decades later leads at team of more than 100 people.

THIS International Women’s Day Australia’s leading homebuilder Metricon is proudly celebrating the remarkable 18-year milestone career of Regional Manager Tania Tonks.

Having been promoted to her current role nearly a decade ago, Tania has been a driving force behind the region’s impressive growth and employment, overseeing the construction of hundreds of homes for local regional north residents.

Starting from humble beginnings in administration/customer service shortly after Metricon’s inception in Regional North, Tania swiftly rose to become the area manager for Regional North, overseeing construction operations.

Leading a team of over 100 employees, Tania’s unwavering passion for the building industry is evident, having built four homes of her own with Metricon and consistently delivering top-notch new home solutions for the region’s customers.

With a natural drive and passion for success, Tania attributes her success and unwavering dedication to the support received from her team.

“I have been incredibly fortunate in my career at Metricon, surrounded by a network of supportive colleagues who motivate me daily in my role as area managed and overseeing sales,” she said.

“My alignment with Metricon’s core values, along with a steadfast commitment to excellence and collaborative teamwork, has been instrumental in my journey with Australia’s leading home builder.

“Additionally, the values instilled in me by my grandmother have contributed significantly to my resilience and drive.”

Describing her role at Metricon in Regional North, Tania expressed her enthusiasm for the diversity and excitement it brings.

“Every day is a new opportunity and a privilege to help people realise their dream of owning a new home,” she said.

“The region has witnessed incredible growth in the last two years, with more development forecasted as additional land is released, along with our recent award wins for homes such as the Highlander in Gisborne.”

Tania and her family’s journey of building their own homes, including a Santorini 29, a Mantra 29, a Tulloch 22, and a Whittlesea 29, have been true passion projects.

This year, the will complete their forever home, a modified Botanica 36 in Kialla, boasting breathtaking views of the bushland in Tatura.

If you would like to know more about Metricon homes in Bendigo, why not visit the brand-new Amira 28BP in Strathfieldsaye, located at Imagine Drive or alternatively visit the award-winning Highlander located at the Willow Estate, 13 Willowbank Road in Gisborne.