Teamwork making the dream work!

March 8, 2024 BY

Linda and Melissa from Team Real Estate have a passion for the industry.

TEAM Real Estate was established out of a need for a more personalised, experience, for Bendigo homeowners.

The business was inspired by colleagues with long-term experience and a desire to do something different within the real estate industry.

Linda and Melissa spent a number of years working together before deciding to venture out on their own.

“In the beginning it felt a bit daunting, the idea of starting a company from scratch, however, Mel and I have a lot of experience and the passion to just take a leap of faith, so we did and haven’t looked back, we’re loving it!” said Linda.

The love and passion for the real estate industry is what keeps them going when times get a bit tough and being able to rely on each other when needed.

“It’s very much a team effort, hence our name, we knew that’s what we wanted our business to focus on, supporting each other,” said Mel.

Bendigo is also another passion for Mel and Linda’s – they genuinely love where they live.

“The history in Bendigo is what makes it special and a great place to live, there’s always something going on at the weekends and it’s such a great alternative to a big city, yet still close enough to Melbourne to head there for work or a day trip,” said Linda.

Having lived in the area for years, Melissa and Linda have an extensive database of clients which most of their business is derived.

“We get a lot of return clients wanting to sell or purchase for investments its lovely having repeat clients which become friends over time, and I think it’s this sense of familiarity which our clients appreciate, because we do genuinely care about all our clients, we have their best interests at heart,” said Linda.

Team Real Estate also has a third member Danielle, who handles the administration side of things and finds working for Mel and Linda very enjoyable.

“I knew Mel and Linda previously, before Team Real Estate and thought it would be a great opportunity to have a bit of flexibility in my work life,” she said.

“Mel and Linda make it very easy too, it’s a much more relaxed atmosphere to what we’ve all experienced in the past, and so far Team Real Estate has gone beyond all of our expectations!”