Fostering Farm Innovation

November 9, 2022 BY

Experienced livestock producer backs latest government decision


Australia’s voluntary signing of the Global Methane Pledge has been welcomed by the founder of Beachport Liquid Minerals, who believes the signing can shine a needed light on both new and long-proven innovations in methane reduction within the livestock industry.

Kym Sutherland (ppictured below with wife Chris), a fourth- generation livestock producer whose national company has been harnessing the nutritional benefits of seagrasses and kelp in liquid livestock supplementation since 2006, has long believed in a sustainable and profitable Australian livestock industry.

However, he acknowledges the industry is on a knife edge, facing more challenges than ever as people outside of farming make decisions about its future; those livelihoods.

“Australian livestock producers have been closely watching what our Kiwi neighbours are going through, so last week’s assurances by the Australian Government that this pledge won’t spell bad news for the agriculture sector has been reassuring,” Mr Sutherland said.

“It also comes as a firm nudge for our industry to think differently about traditional production practices and consider our responsibility to consumers and the demand for lean and green protein production.

“The public rightly wants proof that we’re looking after the environment, that we care about methane reduction and lowering our industry’s carbon footprint.

If we already have access to innovations that directly reduce methane in livestock production, now it’s our time – and our turn – to be heard.”

Mr Sutherland has more than 50 years of experience in managing properties, natural breeding programs, classing, genetic assessment, and animal nutrition research.

His family-owned company based in Mount Gambier pioneered a method for livestock to utilise important amino acids and trace elements without them being degraded by the rumen. They are rapidly absorbed via the small intestine, straight into the bloodstream, in the same way as an injection. The ‘magic’ ingredient in Beachport’s concentrates is fulvic acid, a naturally occurring component found in kelp and seagrass,


than just a win for a producer’s hip pocket – it’s a massive win for the environment,” Mr Sutherland said. “A one thousand litre container of Beachport fits on the back of a ute and doses up to 20,000 head of cattle – one dose lasts six weeks. To dose the same number of cattle with lick or blocks, it takes on average three semi-trailers to transport the equivalent amount.

“By replacing the transportation of truckloads of blocks and licks around the country, can slash carbon emissions from our industry.

At the same time, producers can drastically lower their input costs of fuel, finite resources and chemicals.

“Given one dose of ‘Beachport’ lasts six weeks, this means daily dosing can become a thing of the past. Add to this the improved production results that are possible with Beachport, stock raising cycles can be shorter, too.”

Unlike other supplements, Beachport’s liquid concentrates do not interrupt the gut. Delivered straight from drums into the animals’ drinking water via a purpose-designed dispenser, they slowly release into the bloodstream over the next six weeks. They also can be mixed with feed.

“These kinds of innovations are going to be crucial for our industry moving forward,” Mr Sutherland said. “We’re proof that it’s possible to improve sustainability, save producers time and money and make way for a thriving livestock industry for future generations.”