Soil health in the spotlight

November 22, 2023 BY

Soil in hand for planting

There’s no magic wand to boost farm productivity but understanding your soil might be the next best thing.

Soil consultants and experts Dr. Mel Fraser, Declan McDonald and David Oddie are coming to Hatherleigh to lend a hand with your farm productivity.

Declan McDonald, of ReGen Soils, said the interaction between soils and plants is key to successful farming,

“This trial is using organic amendments to boost soil biology and improve nutrient and water use efficiency,” Mr McDonald said. “We know soil biology is important for soil and plant health. This trial aims to better integrate management of soil biology into conventional fertility management systems.

“By testing soil, studying and interpreting the results, you are in a position to make informed decisions about the actions you may take to improve the health of the soil, and therefore boost your farm productivity.”

Determining soil constraints, soil testing methods and the role of soil biology will be discussed as important management tools, with a view to increasing productivity and/or reducing their costs. Organic amendment of soils will be discussed through demonstrating the results of a trial site at Hatherleigh. Land managers will have the chance to visit the trial site.

If you are interested in farm productivity, register now for the free Limestone Coast Landscape Board’s soils workshop for primary producers. The all-day workshop includes a farm walk and full catering.

To register visit the Limestone Coast Landscape Board website