Mount Gambier trumps all opposition

June 14, 2024 BY
Ladies Singles Champion Serena Bourn

Ladies Singles Champion Serena Bourn

The Mount Gambier District Indoor Bowls Association takes out the Victorian Inter Group Championship in Ballarat after only competing for its third time and collecting five gold medals

The Mount Gambier Association team (pictyred right) was only expecting minimal achievements after being placed fifth over the past two years but the association was overwhelmed when it finished first in the J & L Clifton Shield being the best team over the weekend by a margin of five points.

The Mount Gambier District Indoor Bowls Association competed against teams from Northern Districts, Ballarat Blue, Warrnambool Orange, Ballarat Gold, Heytesbury, South/Eastern & Warrnambool Blue.

Each team comprised of 26 players, of which 10 different team disciplines were fielded.

The first player to win a gold medal was the Ladies Singles player of Serena Bourn (pictured left), who went one step up from last year’s silver medal to be this year’s champion.

Serena won six of her seven games finishing on top by one point.

The Ladies Pairs team of Keisha Pearson and Fiona Pearson had six wins and one draw and also went one step up better to change silver into gold this year.

The Ladies Fours team took home the gold medal; the team being Nola Spencer, Veronica Opie, Fiona Rochow and Heather Glynn went into the last day sure of a medal but they had to win to determine which colour.

They won the last game by one shot, to give them six wins to secure the gold medal.

The Men’s Fours team had a great weekend winning five games and even losing the last game were able to hang on to the gold medal by percentage.

The team of Trevor Williams, Garry Burke, Josh Ferrazzola & Gary Bowering were ecstatic with their victoryl.

The Mount Gambier Mixed Fours team of Leonie Wastell, Tanya Burke, Peter Gregory & Tony Bowditch also secured a gold medal quite convincingly with six wins and a percentage of 249%.

The other teams that contributed to the J & C Clifton Shield were;

Men’s Singles – Coehen Keppels 4 wins & 1 draw

Men’s Pairs – Tim Radley & Zac Pearson 1 win & 1 draw

Ladies Triples – Bronwyn Hill, Emma Freemantle & Jennifer Bowering 6 wins

Men’s Triples – Kevin Burn, Thomas Butler & Craig Pearson 2 wins

Mixed Pairs – Nicola Bowditch & Brad Errock 3 wins & 1 draw

J & L Clifton Trophy final placings:

Mount Gambier 94

Northern District 89

Ballarat Gold 77

Warrnambool Blue 74

Warrnambool Orange 66

Heytesbury 65

South / Eastern 60

Ballarat Blue 35