Perfect conditions for corporate bowls

November 30, 2022 BY

Plumbers team take the chocolates in last week’s competition

Robe Community Bank Corporate Bowls had a surprisingly calm night last Wednesday with 12 teams playing. Runner up on 18 points was Robe Primary School and the winners on 19 points were Simon Ferguson, Darren Cook, Joel Bryant and Matt Austin from Matt’s Plumbing team.

Voucher prizes were given to Karla, Zack and Darren and successful drive prizes awarded to Saand Haiden. Livia & Lacey were given prizes as potential bowls players of the future.

Social bowls last hursday was played in great weather, flat seas and sunny skies for the bowlers and visitors from the passenger cruise ship in the bay. Twenty-four players played two bowl triples with two teams having a win and a draw. Equal winners were Dean Burgoyne, Jim Gray and Maria Cooper and Dean Burgoyne, Jim Gray and Nola Peel with Barb Brown taking over from Nola at afternoon tea time. The chook was won by Steve Farrell and the wine by Dean Nankivell.

The Bowling Arm Tournament on Monday was cancelled because of the windy and wet conditions. Hopefully we may be able to reschedule at a later date. Australia Day the bowling club is having a fundraiser for the Robe2Recovery. Come and enjoy pie floaters, hotdogs and a game of bowls.


TEAM: Simon Ferguson, Matt Austin & Joel Bryant. Absent: Darren Cook