Ready to hit the ground running

June 7, 2024 BY

The Limestone Coast Football Netball League is gearing up for its first appearance at the South Australian Country Netball Championships.

The newly formed league is sending five teams to the State event and looks forward to building on the foundation of its representative performances that were built in its era as the Western Border Netball Association.

The league is sending a 17 & Under team; 15 & Under (Championship); 15 & Under (Development); 13 & Under (Championship) and 13 & Under (Development) with all six member clubs represented in the junior contingent.

Experienced coach Michelle Skeer will head up with talented 17 & Under line-up that boasts a contingent of versatile players that for the most part are starting members of their respective clubs’ A and A reserve line-ups.

Donna Denton is taking on the 15 & Under (Championship) team, which also has a handful of players that are also playing in the top senior grades, while Lillie Paul is taking on the 15 & Under (Development) team in her debut as a coach after building an impressive resume as a player.

Larnka Foran brings her enthusiasm and experience to the 13 & Under (Championship) team, while Jackie Sunderland is another debutant coach ready to make her mark with the 13 & Under (Development) team.

It has been a huge task to create and source new uniforms, apparel and equipment and the support of Denton Sportspower, In2Trophies, Monogramming and Workwear, She’s Apples, Woolworths Mount Gambier and Nelson Teamwear as well as a band of hard working volunteers has ensured the 2024 Country Championships contingent will hit the courts running.

Nicola Smith, Tracy McShane and Emma Grigg are also adding a local flavour to the umpiring cohort set to represent the league at this weekend’s event.

17 & UNDER

Ava Collins (North Gambier) Maggie Collins (North Gambier)

Gracie Dalton (South Gambier)

Edie Easterby (Millicent)

Macey Griffith (NorthGambier)

Mia Gysbers (Millicent) Mylee Lynch (Millicent)

Stella Mobbs (North Gambier)

Piper Paul (Millicent) Poppy Venn (Millicent)

COACH: Michelle Skeer

TEAM MANAGER: Misty Dalton


Bell Coghlan (Millicent)

Lucy Crowe (Millicent)

Raine Darimaani (North Gambier)

Emily Denton (Millicent)

Kalani Dunn (Millicent)

Asha Gysbers (Millicent – pictured)

Jeda Hibberd (Millicent)

Mischa Human (North Gambier)

Ruby Milich (South Gambier)

Lila Pearson (North Gambier)

COACH: Donna Denton



Audrey Galambos (Millicent)

Mia Griffith (North Gambier)

Ylana Grigg (Casterton Sandford)

Claire Hunter (West Gambier)

Marlee Robbins (Casterton Sandford)

Indee Stratford (East Gambier)

Amarlie Thomson (Millicent)

Olive Thorne (Millicent)

Lindy VanEeden (Millicent)

Winnie Zadow (North Gambier)

COACH: Lillie Paul

TEAM MANAGER: Peta Thomson


Amelie Adam (North Gambier)

Indi Coghlan (Millicent)

Zara Cole (Millicent)

Lola Ferguson (Millicent)

Lacey Hunter (North Gambier)

Prudence Johnson (Millicent)

Sailor McCracken (East Gambier)

Ella McKenny (West Gambier)

Eva Povey (West Gambier)

Tegan Sims (South Gambier)

COACH: Larnka Foran



Harper Bowering (South Gambier)

Eliza Herring (East Gambier)

Hannah Jackson (West Gambier)

Raven Johnson (Millicent)

Ellie McCracken (South Gambier)

Elsie Merchant (South Gambier)

Lucy Noonan (South Gambier)

Annalie Peucker (South Gambier)

Lacey Sunderland (Millicent)

Claudia Vorwerk (West Gambier)

COACH: Jackie Sunderland

TEAM MANAGER: Jess Herring