Support for our youth

November 1, 2023 BY

Headspace offers new counselling service for region

Headspace Mount Gambier is excited to be sharing an update to its existing walk-in service, providing vital support for young people and providing that support in a timely manner.

The ‘talk soon’ program will provide same-day appointments for young people to access support when they need it.

This program will be available on Monday. Wednesday and Friday’s from 11.30am – 4pm and people can contact headspace during business hours to secure set appointments within this timeframe and appointment times will be advertised on the headspace facebook page.

These appointments are available to people in-person, online or via telephone. Headspace Mount Gambier community liaison worker Nick McInerney (pictured left) said the ‘talksoon’ service was an update to the existing walk-in service which headspace has offered since 2021.

Prior to the launch of ‘talksoon’, young people were able to access the headspace walk-in service, which was also available three days per week. This updated ‘talk-soon’ option was designed for people to access on-the-spot support without a structured appointment by walking in to talk to a qualified clinician.

“The service began out of some funding received from the federal government in a response to COVID-19, however, with that funding being no longer available, headspace are embedding it as an addition to our existing programs and funding,” Nick said.

All headspace staff members are trained in single-session therapy to be able to deliver these sessions to young people who access the ‘talk-soon’ service. It is a singlesession therapy model, which includes a follow-up call two weeks post-appointment.

These free sessions are solution focused and provide youngpeople with tips and strategies to take away from the session.

“There is an array of challenges that young people experience which could be causing mental health difficulties, this service is designed to be able to support people with situational problems and will support young people who are feeling long lasting effects from COVID-19,” Nick said.

“This service will provide young people with tips and strategies to take away and implement in their lives.”

The ‘talk-soon’ program is already live and people can access this by contacting headspace on (08)8725 0443 to book into an appointment slot or walking in to have a chat.

This program is also available for people who live outside of Mount Gambier, with the option of online or telephone sessions.

Appointment times are advertised on headspace’s Facebook page and people can call headspace within usual business hours to book in.