Local yoga studio goes global

September 24, 2020 BY

Charelle Cuolahan and Gail Asbell are celebrating the studio's online success.

THE team at Upstate Studios is celebrating being crowned the number one destination for online yoga classes in Australia.

The Torquay and Geelong based studio also rocketed into the top 10 global brands to be booked using the ClassPass Studio app, which allows users to choose from 500,000 live stream classes around the world.

Co-owner Gail Asbell said it was an incredible achievement by the Upstate team who had worked tirelessly to provide as much content, motivation and positivity as they could during such a challenging time.

“Our goal has been to over deliver to our members, our team and our broader community,” Gail explained.

“At the time we really did not realise or anticipate our reach to go global.

“It was very inspiring to learn we had attracted a global audience in Asia and the USA.”

Pre-COVID the studio was running 300 classes from its three studios (Torquay, Geelong and Balaclava) and was able to quickly pivot to online to deliver 120 live stream classes a week and more than 70 on-demand classes.

Upstate has more than 50 instructors who deliver online classes in pilates, yoga, boxing, HIIT, yin yoga, low impact training and meditation.

“Closing our doors was incredibly hard,” Gail recalled of the first lockdown.

“We felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to support our team of instructors and the community we had worked so hard to build over the past 11 years.

Upstate Studios has thrived in the online yoga space.

“We faced challenges with technology, sourcing equipment and determining the best platforms for this new environment.

“But the team really stepped up to the challenges and changes that have been taking place.”

Gail attributed the studio’s online success to its “superstar” instructors, as well as the quality and consistency of the online class experience.

“Our Upstaters are loving the convenience of taking classes from their home,” she said.

“Every day we receive the most amazing feedback, which keeps u

s inspired.

“Many of our clients are going through a tough time and it’s great we can make their day a little brighter and keep them moving when they need it the most.

“We are incredibly proud of the Upstate team and the amazing community we have built.”

Gail encouraged anyone who had not experienced the benefits of yoga to give it a try from the comfort of their home.

“There has never been a more important time to take care of yourself physically and mentally,” she said.

“Yoga is a great way to disconnect from the daily distraction and tune into the present, connect with your breath and add some calm to this chaotic time.”

Head to www.upstatestudios.com.au for more.