A human-centred approach to learning.

May 10, 2024 BY
Ballarat Steiner School | Human-Centered Education

Pupils at Ballarat Steiner School learn without digital technology.

Set on a beautiful site just outside the charming village of Buninyong, it’s only a short drive from Ballarat.

Teaching staff aim to provide children with a human-centred education that fosters social renewal for an ethical world future.

Steiner Education is a globally recognised education that supports children to develop independent and creative thinking.

Ballarat Steiner School has a ten-acre site, including a small lake, creek, wooded areas, purpose-built classrooms, and gardens. Families join staff and students for picnics, afternoon teas, assemblies, markets, festivals, and plays, and are a vital part of our the thriving school community.

Early Childhood – Playgroup to Prep

Academic learning is just one part of the Steiner education which also focuses on the social, emotional, and physical aspects of life.


The school has a playgroup three mornings a week for carers and their little ones. Playgroup offers a warm and nurturing environment where the rhythm of the day allows children time to play, and parents to build a supportive and connected community.

The aim of te Kindergarten and Prep classes is to provide a carefully considered environment, as every impression received in early years can affect future health and wellbeing.

In both programs the day follows a rhythm that alternates between teacher-led activities and child-led play. Numeracy and Literacy are developed orally and through tasks such as preparing morning tea, singing together, gardening, and handwork.

Lower Primary – Classes 1-3

Ballarat Steiner School works to provide for the academic, social, emotional, and physical education of children. The academic content is delivered using multimodal practices that embed the arts into the children’s daily learning experiences.

The days of playgroup and prep children include bothteacher-led activities and child-led play.


The goal is to foster a love of learning, creativity, and connection to each other and to the environment. As well as formal academic learning, all children take part in music, Spanish, handcrafts, woodwork, gardening, camps, physical education, cooking, painting, and drawing.

The children form strong friendships and a deep sense of belonging. No digital technology is used in teaching and learning.

Upper primary – Classes 4-6

In upper primary the arts-based approach to education continues, developing both the academic and social and emotional aspects of young human beings. The sciences are introduced more formally in Classes Five and Six with the introduction of Botany, Physics, Astronomy and Geology.

Older children are encouraged to develop leadership skills, initially as buddies to younger children, and later by leading assemblies and providing acts of service to the school and broader communities. The very rich curriculum is engaging, and Steiner children love coming to school.

Head to ballaratsteinerschool.com.au or phone 5341 8188 for more information.