Art remembers

June 9, 2024 BY

Unforgettable: Debra Brown's 'Afternoon in Siena' is inspired by a holiday in Italy she took after her mother passed away. Photo: LACHLAN ELLIS

BALLAN Arts Space’s new exhibition is one to remember.

The Memories showcase opened on 24 May, and is open Friday to Sunday, 10am to 3pm, until the end of the month.

Featuring the work of ten different local artists, the exhibition explores artists’ memories of people, places, and items from the past, such as rollerskates and a button jar.

Debra Brown is one of the contributing artists, using pastel and acrylic in her art.

Her piece, Afternoon in Siena, was inspired by a holiday in Italy, but also carries a more personal connection.

“It’s inspired by one of my favourite trips. I went because, as a little girl, I always wanted to go to Italy. I have cousins who are Italian,” she said.

“Mum passed away recently, and she used to always say, ‘You’ll never go’. So when she passed away, I decided, yes, I’m going.

“She died from cancer, so I thought I’d do something that she thought I’d never do.

Memories is open for all of June.


“Memories are a pretty broad topic…there’s all kinds of different memories and emotions people have put into this exhibition.”

To see the Memories exhibition, head to the Ballan Arts Space at 117B Inglis Street, Ballan, next to Springfields Garage.

It’s an exhibition you won’t soon forget.