Everybody has a heart

April 13, 2024 BY

Have a heart: Loretta, Bev, and Allison from BMAC are hoping to decorate the Moor Art Space with at least 100 decorated hearts in June. Photo: LACHLAN ELLIS

EVERYONE has a heart, and soon the walls of a local library will be covered with them, as part of a new art exhibition.

BMAC Gallery’s ‘Everybody Has a Heart Exhibition’ is now taking entries, with wooden hearts available for collection for $10 each and extras for $7 at Lerderderg Library, by appointment.

The exhibition will run throughout June, and BMAC hope to decorate the Moor Art Space with at least 100 hearts.

“We’re inviting artists to decorate a heart with something related to their life. We have some interesting outlooks on different hearts, whether it be love hearts, a fiery heart, or a heart attack,” BMAC President Allison Durham said.

“Everybody has a heart, so any artist can decorate a heart however they want to express themselves. It’s open to the crocheters, painters, abstract artists, assemblage artists, mosaic artists…so many fields of art.”

BMAC Secretary Bev Baker said the hearts all being the same size would mean the exhibition could be looked at as both many individual artworks, and as a unified display.

“It’s very exciting. The idea is that all the hearts will be identical in shape and size…you can look at it as one big picture, or as a lot of individual hearts,” she said.

“We want people to tell a story with their heart, it can be funny, it can be sad, it can be happy, it can be anything.

“We’re accepting contributions from right across the board.”

For more information, visit the BMAC Gallery Facebook page.