Korweingie thanks firefighters

May 16, 2024 BY

Honouring heroism: More than 40 people celebrated CFA and Korweinguboora Emergency Group members' contributions to the community. Photos: SUPPLIED

RESIDENTS of Korweinguboora have paid tribute to some of their local heroes with a community dinner held this month.

On International Firefighters Day on May 4, locals gathered at the Korweinguboora Recreation Reserve for a dinner, with the night dedicated to CFA and Korweinguboora Emergency Group members.

They were congratuated and celebrated for their efforts to help their neighbours in times of need.

The Reserve’s new oven was given its first real test as 42 people enjoyed a tasty spread.

The evening was not only a chance to thank those that prepare the community for, and assist them during, natural disasters, but also to make new friendships, and rekindle old ones.

Members of the Korweinguboora Recreation Reserve’s committee thanked those who attended, and in particular, those who helped make the event possible.

“Thank you to all the hands on deck to help clean up, and Rosemary Mayhew for her lovely last minute table decorations,” a statement from the committee said.

“The committee is very keen to hold more such events, and welcomes everyone in the community to come along to our meetings held at 5.30pm at the reserve on the last Thursday every month.

“The community dinner was a smashing success.”

The recreation reserve’s new oven was tested as it cooked up a feed for residents of the wider Korweinguboora area.

Organisers behind the Korweinguboora community dinner have said it was a huge success.