Tough reminder of burn off rules

June 11, 2024 BY

Heavy price to payt: Non-vegetation burn offs can result in a fine of more than $9000, on top of the harm to the environment. Photo: FILE

DUTY holders in the state’s south west are again being reminded of the penalties for illegal burn offs, after the EPA issued a fine of $1185 to a Darley individual.

A community member reported seeing plumes of smoke issuing from a Darley property, and EPA responded, witnessing an individual feeding plastic cement bags into a fire.

“We have given several warnings already. We have shared the message far and wide about what you can and cannot burn,” EPA South West Regional Manager Carolyn Francis said.

“We are now fining individuals and companies that failed to listen to our advice. If you are caught in the act, expect penalties.

“You cannot dispose of waste by burning materials like cement bags, silage wrap, mattresses, waste tyres, treated pine and other general waste.

“Smoke from waste burn-offs can lead to harmful effects on human health.

“They also impact our immediate environment. Hazardous ash and burnt waste contaminate our soils and local waterways.”

Reports of burn offs will be investigated if industrial waste materials are suspected of being involved.

“Take waste to a facility licensed to accept it.”

Suspect illegal burn off activity? Contact 1300 372 842 or [email protected]