Leisure Networks facilitating sport with a smile

December 14, 2023 BY


LEISURE Networks has helped to deliver sport with a smile at its annual inclusive Cricket Gala Day.

More than 70 all abilities athletes from four different local schools participated in the event at Armstrong Creek School in November.

Delivered in partnership with Cricket Victoria and ACHPER, the cricket gala event was the third of its kind organised by Leisure Networks this year.

Leisure Networks program coordinator, Luke Maher said the event provided an unforgettable experience for students, teachers and carers.

“For some of these young people, the gala day is their first opportunity to try their skills at cricket,” he said.

“They might watch their siblings play organised sport, weekend after weekend, never getting the chance to play themselves.

“This is the chance we want to give them, and to show them they can play sport just like anyone else.”

Mr Maher said being teamwork and respect were both key takeaways for many of the participants.

“Being part of a team and making friends is just as important a part of playing sport as physical exercise,” he said.

“The laughter, the smiles – that’s the highlight for me and that’s why the object of this year’s event was sport with a smile.”